Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Responsible citizen reflection

Responsible citizen reflection

This term we are learning about being a responsible citizen. At the start of the term I put myself as Multistructural because I included people, I returned the things that I borrowed and I cared for nature.

A little later I changed it to Relational because I knew when to do all the things that a multistructural person would do, I followed the rules and laws and I was trustworthy.

Now I am Extended abstract because I put my hand up for things, I follow the rules on our treaty, I am a helpful bystander and I share my drawing skills with other kids.

Overall drawing lessons help kids be responsible citizens because drawings  make other people happy and work better at writing and they will feel more confident because they would already have practiced the way to use a pencil properly, mostly because of the drawing lessons.
I feel that my learning has changed from time to time and I have learned something new every minute.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Discovery Reflection

Discovery reflection

Today in discovery Rose, Ryan and I made a iMovie called The Discovery.  I was learning to be resilient and luckily I was because I accepted critical feedback, forgave people and moved on and saw benefits from problems and challenges.

I have to admit that mostly everything was positive, we all agreed to something and believed that the scene that we were doing was going to be the best and it was. But one thing that was negative is that in one scene we couldn't agree on what to do so we did both options. But I am still sad that it happened. Being resilient worked out though and I was mostly being everything that being resilient is.

My next steps are to be more resilient and try not to argue so much and work together and be a team. We should also try to be more confident and strong to what we do because then we will finish quicker so we can share our work.

It is important to be me because I like the way I do stuff and act and I really like my friends.

My reflection is relational because everything I did is well explained and they are all connected.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Responsible citizen

Responsible citizens

Are you a responsible citizen? A responsible citizen has many important
qualities that make a positive contribution to our community. One of these
qualities is following rules and laws. A responsible citizen always follows the
rules and laws to make the world a safe peaceful environment.
For example they go when the green light is on, they stop when the red light is on and they don't yell in places that they are not supposed to. I heard that  there was a boy who went on the playground when there was a red flag, and he had badly hurt himself! If you don’t follow rules and laws you might drive people crazy‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ for example if you yell in the library people will have a hard time concentrating but if you do be quiet everyone will be able to concentrate. Someone I know who does this is Rose,  because  she does what she is told to at the right time, she shares,she's playful and happy.

Another quality as important as that,  is being trustworthy. For example being trustworthy is not lying or stealing, you would be borrowing stuff instead, you will also be honest. I know someone who the teacher always trusted, so when he went to the library to work the teacher had trusted him but sadly he yelled there so he had lost his trust, so always be trustworthy. If you lose your trust it is hard to earn it back so always be trustworthy. Someone I know who does  this is Shiva because I trust him for using my ukulele and my toys.

It is important to be a responsible citizen because it will help the community because it makes the world a safe, peaceful environment. This will make the world a better place.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Going hard out

On a boiling, stuffy spring day, under my mufti, my body was bubbling with excitement.
I ate my lunch  as excited as I could be, while listening to what the teacher was saying so she could help us run. When we started we puffed, panted, pumped, pushed, everything. At the end I was so excited, that I a shiver of joy that rippled across my skin, because I had tried something new. Even when there was filthy, slimy, mud - that didn't hold me back from working hard out at Tough Kids

I am

I am an open Jeep, always looking out for nature, to make the world a better place.
I am a school, which is trying hard to learn new things, while discovering things along the way.
I am a garden, growing all the time, helping the community.
I am a mango, with all the sweet juice oozing out, but still sweet on the inside.
I am a pizza, exploding with cheese, overflowing with toppings.
I am a woolly jumper making you warm and cosy.
Ko Sneha ahau.